December 13th event canceled!

December 13th Sunday canceled!
We are very sad to inform all our amazing Drifters and Friends but
we have no choice but to Cancel our upcoming Event December 13th 2020

These new Covid-19 resrictions are very grey but the covid 19 safety plan in place currently doesn’t allow us to continue hosting Large Events until these Restrictions ease off.

We have been contacted by the City of Mission Bylaw office and the Public and we are making the safe choice for everyone and shutting down our Drift Events until these rules get lifted and life gets back to normal sometime in 2021 we hope!

We all want to get out there and have fun with our Drift Cars and get some practice in but we all have to make some sacrifices and follow the Public Health Orders of our Province.

Hopefully we can be back hosting awesome events for you guys in the Spring or Summer of 2021 but for now we must take a step back and do our part to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 virus! We will be working on a 2021 Schedule soon as restrictions allow us to plan some dates.

Registered Drivers please contact the Dark Lotus Drift Team Facebook page with your email address and we will get refunds out to everyone quickly this weekend!

Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this causes anyone
Be Kind and be Safe!

-The Dark Lotus Drift Team

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