A welcome to The Dark Lotus Drift Team!

In 2010 Dark Lotus started off as a group of buddies with a Garage to work on their daily driven RWD Nissans who were constantly drifting around on deserted streets on late rainy nights learning the art of Drifting!

 Since then we have improved our skills and became very involved in the Local Drift Racing scene in BC Canada Hosting Drift Practice Days at our local track Agassiz Speedway and finally have opened the doors to Mission Raceway Park!
Cars have always been a passion and we like to push the limits
of our driving abilities and we started attending as many
local drift competitions and practices as we could at Race Tracks
all around Beautiful British Columbia Canada.
We soon realized that this was going to grow into something bigger
and Drifting soon became a Lifestyle and now
Growing this Motorsport and track time is all we really care about!

We are a strong group of friends who have became family over the years with a lot of late nights Building, Repairing, Crashing and Abusing our Drift Cars over the past few years!!

We hope to see this Motorsport grow and we are pushing ourselves to get serious and into Competitions and Championships all over Canada and the United States! Some of us have the ambition to one day push into the Formula Drift Pro-Amateur and Professional Level of Drifting!

Call us Big Dreamers, Guys with Goals or just a Reckless bunch of Animals but we are doing what we love and having a blast!


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