VERY Small Upcoming Private Drift Practice Days! May 27th, June 10th

55576366_2030841890557553_528662739871072256_nWe got some great news!

We have booked some VERY Small Private Practice days at
Mission Raceway Park!
May 27th and June 10th.

They are Limited to a MAXIMUM of 15 Drivers and 15 Spectators TOTAL.
These days are just for testing and tuning

With Limited Driver Spots
We are Prioritizing  entry to Drivers who have Credits from the Canceled Events because of the COVID-19 Virus Situation.

We cannot possibly get all the drivers who wants into these days so please bare with us as we book more small practice events in the future!

Please Message us on our Facebook page  Dark Lotus Drift Team
or Email us at and we will try and get as many people as we can into these days.

Stay tuned for more details as we get them.

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