Track Rules & Safety

One driver per Registration!
You can share cars but both drivers have to pay and register to drive.

Speed limit 15km 10mph everywhere except for when released onto the track “Hot Zone”

Race cars have the right away. Be careful & Be aware of your surroundings pay attention!

No drifting or brake slides off the track, return roads or in the pits or in any “Cold Zone”

Please keep arms and limbs, phones & go pro sticks in the car on the track at all times

you will be warned and then asked to leave the event.

When and if you go off course. You must yield to the cars on the track in a safe and controlled manner.

Please no spinning out, drifting,or burn outs in the grass or gravel!

No standing burn outs. Must be rolling at all times on track only

Please keep helmet and safety belts on until you are fully off the track “Hot Zone”

A Track Official will send you at the Start Line

and there will be some one at the exit to guide you off track on most courses

Watch for the flags :

-Green for go.

-Red for stop.

-Yellow caution.

-Checkered for finish.

All drivers must have proper driving gear pants. shoes. shirts. helmet and any other gear your car may need depending on the type of Event. See tech Rules.

No muscles shirts or open toed shoes. for passengers and drivers

Drivers are responsible for their Passengers to follow the rules.

You may be warned or asked to leave the Event.

All passengers and drivers must sign in and have a visible wristband from the tech area

All drivers and passengers must be 16 years of age and be able to prove it at the discretion of Mission Raceway or Dark Lotus Drift Team

No drugs or alcohol.

Please be respectful for the crowd when smoking

All dogs must be on leash and be under control

we don’t want to see someones dog getting hit by a car.

No riding on cars in the pits

Please be respectful of the grounds and facilities

Drivers and passengers must stay in the car when in the staging area. Please have your passenger in the car before going in to staging lanes. If we see you switching passengers in the staging lanes you will be asked to leave the event.

All rules and consequences. Are at Mission Raceway and Dark Lotus Drift Team’s discretion.

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