Evergreen Drift Grassroots Championship Round #2

We hit Evergreen Drift Grassroots Championship Round 2 on July 12th, 2016

This was the Second Event with the new 350z Drift Car.  Shook off the Rust in the morning with some practice runs for about 1.5 hours.   Then we got into Competition in the early afternoon.

We got into the top 32 last event and was doing fairly well in practice so we got into the top 32 again.   We got to watch a round of battles before it was our turn.  We were paired up against Alex Hageman.   On our first run we ran out of Angle coming off the 3/8th Bank and ended up spinning out.  Our next run we competed the course and did well but Scoring a Zero against Alex Hageman and his Consistent driving all day.  He advanced beating us and knocking us out in the Top 32.   Alex Hageman drove great the rest of the day and actually ended up taking First place!!  Congratz to him on his first Podium Finish.

We are planning on installing some Angle Modifications to the 350z before the next Round on July 24th 2016, we are really noticing the 350z has alot less angle than the S13’s and Skyline’s Shelby is used to Drifting.  Hopefully we will finally break into the top 16 or farther next Round.

We also Purchased a 2004 F-150 for a new Tow Rig!   Fountain Tire Chilliwack sold it to us and they have treated her good all its life lots of maintenance.    Big thanks to them aswell for the Sponsorship, Trailer and Fuel to get down to the Event!!

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